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Marine Abbreviations
Steerage A certain degree of capacity by a vessel to steer her own course; lowest class of paying passengers on ships, below 3rd class or cabin passengers
Steering Gear The complete machinery and arrangement which enables the steering wheel in the wheel house to control the position of the rudder; the main gear must meet certain performance requirements such as:-  a) capable of putting the rudder over from 35o on one side to 35o on the other when the ship is moving ahead at maximum service speed;  b) capable of putting the rudder over from 35o on one side to 30o on the other in 28 seconds at maximum service speed
Stem The foremost rigid structure which the plating of both sides of a ships hull is being attached as the hull tapers towards both fore and aft ends
STEM Subject to existence of merchandise
Stern The after end of a ship; based on the different cross sectional shape, a ship may be described as having a counter stern, cruiser spoon stern, full cruiser stern, transom stern, etc. opposite of bow
STERN The foremost part of a ship
Stern Post Vertical member at the stern of a ship for carrying the rudder
Stern Tube A cast iron tube through which the tailshaft passes to the propeller; acts as an after bearings for the shafting and may be water or oil lubricated
Stevedore A person who loads and unloads cargo from a ship
STEW CONVE International convention on standards of training certification and watch-keeping for seafarers
STEWCODE Seafarers training certification and watch-keeping
STG Salvage tug
STL Steel
Storm Valve One way non-return, water discharge valve
Stowage Factor Volume of space in cubic feet required for stowing one ton of a named commodity; includes dunnage and packing spaces as well as broken stowage; e.g. a cargo with SF 88 will occupy 88 cubic feet per ton
Stowaway A person who hides illegally in a ship before departure to get a free passage
Strain The deformation produced by a tensile or compressive stress; measured by the change, i.e. extension or contraction, per unit length
Strake Panel of plating formed by plates joined end to end and running in the ships fore and aft line
Stress Deformation produced when a force is applied to a body; measured by load or force per unit section area
Stringers Longitudinal strength members bridging the frames
Strongback 1. a beam or spar placed in the fore and aft direction over a boat to support and slope the canvas cover such that no water may accumulate on it; 2. a plate for aligning the edges of plates to be welded together; 3. a steel bar for securing a closed door in addition to the dogs around its edges
Strum Box a perforated metal box fitted around a bilge suction pipe opening to prevent debris from choking the pipe and bilge pump
STS ship to ship
SUB Subject to existence of merchandise
SUBS Subjects
Suezmax A large tanker capable of transiting the Suez Canal fully loaded; the maximum draught allowed in the canal is approximately 52 feet 6 inches salt water - this is equivalent to about 150,000 deadweight
Sump Well for collecting oil; generally refers to the oil reservoir in the bottom of crankcase of a diesel engine; also known as sump tank
Supercargo A person who is responsible for the proper loading and discharging of cargo
Superheat Additional heat given to steam to raise its temperature with the pressure remaining constant
Superheated Steam Dry saturated steam that is further heated to increase its temperature at the same pressure