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Marine Abbreviations
SMM Safety Management Manual (ism)
SMS Safety Management System
SNC (Societe en nom Collectif) A general partnership in France, Italy, Romania and Spain.
Snubbing Winch Rotating and ratcheted drum used for winding sheet
SOB Shipped on board
SOC Shipper Owned Container
SOF Statement of facts
SOLAS The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea
SOLAS Safety of Life At Sea
Solvent Substance capable of absorbing another solid, liquid or gas to form a homogeneous mixture; usually a liquid
SOM Swedish Official Measure
SOPEP Shipboard oil pollution emergency plan (ism)
SOSC State On-Scene (On-Site) Commander
Sounding Pipe A pipe that leads out of a compartment to deck; serves to allow a measuring tape or rod to access the compartment through it in order to find out the level of liquid in the compartment
Sounding Rod A graduated weight that is attached to a line and used for measuring the depth of liquid in a compartment
SP safe port
SpA (Societa per Azioni) This is a private limited company in Italy.
Spar Long round piece of timber; general term for boom, mast, yard, etc.
Spar Ceiling Removable strips of timbers or battens fixed to the frames in the cargo hold to keep cargo away from the ships sides; this promotes ventilation and prevents cargo damage by condensation and chafing
Sparks Another name for radio officer
Special Survey A thorough and complete examination, and tests at regular intervals for the renewal of classification with ships classification society; usually carried out once every five-year period with an intermediate survey held once about the half-way point
Specific Gravity Of a substance, is the ratio of the weight of unit volume of the substance to the weight of unit volume of water at 4oC
Specific Heat The amount of heat required to raise a unit mass of a substance by a unit temperature
Specific Volume Amount of space occupied by a unit mass of a substance
Spill Pipe Overflow pipe
Spinnaker Sail set forward of the forestay when wind is coming from astern or abeam
Splice 1. join in a rope or cable made by interweaving the strands of both ropes; 2. to join two ends of ropes by splicing
SPM Single Point Mooring System
Sponson 1. outboard projection of upper deck for fitting searchlight, etc.; 2. fore and aft projection to protect paddle box
Spontaneous Ignition Temperature The lowest temperature at which a material will burn without the introduction of an ignition source