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Marine Abbreviations
Righting Lever Perpendicular distance between centre of gravity, G and the imaginary vertical line passing through the centre of buoyancy, B; it causes the floating body to right itself until both centres, G and B are in line, i.e. the lever becomes zero; commonly abbreviated as GZ
RINA Registro Italiano
RMO Regional Marine Operations
RND Round voyage
RNG Range
RNR Rate Not Reported
Ro-ro Ship A vehicle carrier which is equipped with ramps at the ends to allow vehicles to roll-on, roll-off; it is built like a multi-storey carpark
ROB ##### amount, multiplied by the freight rate.
ROC Reference Our Cable....(date)
ROCE (Return On Capital Employed) This is the pretax profit divided by the capital employed. It is a measurement of the returns that a company is realising from its capital.
Roll Describes the motion of a ship about her longitudinal axis; this causes the ship to rock from side to side; one of the six principal motions of a ship in waves compare heave, pitch, surge, sway, yaw
RORO Roll On/Roll Off
Rose Box A perforated box fitted at the end of suction pipe to keep out material that may choke the pump; used in cargo hold bilges; also known as strum box
ROTLX Reference Our TeLeX ...(date)
RPM Revs. Per Minute
RPS Response Planning Standard
RQRD Required
RRT Regional Response Team
Rubbing Band A band of resilient material fitted around the hull to protect against contact damage
Rudder A device that is used to steer a ship; a common type has a vertical fin at the stern and able to move from 35 degrees port to 35 degrees starboard; rudders are characterised by their area, aspect ratio, and shape the leading edge is at the fore edge when the ship is going ahead and at the aft edge when the ship is going astern a rudder may be balanced, semi-balanced, unbalanced or spade type
Rudder Post Another name for stern post, i.e. the vertical member of the stern frame where the rudder is attached to it
Rudder Stock The vertical shaft that connects the rudder to the steering gear
Rudder Trunk Small compartment located directly below the tiller and enclosing the rudder stock coming in from the hull external
RYC Reference Your Cable...(date)
RYTLX Reference Your TeLeX...(date)