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Marine Abbreviations
MB Merchant Broker
MDO (DO) Marine Diesel Oil
MDWT Metric DeadWeight tons
ME Main engine
Mean Draught The average of forward and aft draughts of a ship
MED Mediterranean
MEG Middle East Gulf
Meridian An imaginary line on earth joining the north and south poles, and cutting across the equator at right angle; it is a line of longitude see Greenwich meridian
MESA Most Environmentally Sensitive Area
Messenger Small diameter rope attached to a heavier rope such as towing line to facilitate heaving
Metacentre A theoretical point when dealing with ship stability for small angle of inclination from upright position; consider a floating ship heeling to a small angle, the centre of buoyancy B will shift towards the newly immersed side to B1, and the vertical line of force through this new centre of buoyancy B1 will intersect the original line of force when the ship is upright at M, known as metacentre
Metacentric Height The distance from the centre of gravity of a ship to the metacentre; it is considered positive if the metacentre lies above centre of gravity
MGA Master''s general account
MGO Marine gas oil
MIC Man in charge
MID Middle
Midship In or near the middle of a ship; same as amidships
Midship Section Coefficient The ratio of the midship section area of the underwater body of a ship to the rectangular area having the breadth and draught of the section; also known as midship coefficient.
MIN/MAX Minimum/Maximum (cargo quantity)
Mini-Bulker A smaller sized bulk carrier of about 3000 tons deadweight
MIP Marine insurance policy
MISC Miscellaneous
Mizzen Mast Third mast from the bow in a sailing ship with three or more masts
MLC Meters of Liquid Column
MM Mercantile Marine.
MMPD Maximum Most Probable Discharge
MO Managing Owner
MOA Memorandum of Agreement (S&P)
MODU Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
MOL More or less