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Marine Abbreviations
HH Hold hatches
HHDW Handy Heavy d.w. (scrap)
HHDW Handy Heavy d.w. (scrap)
HKG Hong Kong
HMS Heavy Metal Scraps
HMT Hazardous Materials Technician
HO Hold
Hogging Describes a state of a ship when she is drooping at the fore and aft ends and bending upwards in the middle; this induces compression of the bottom and tension of the upper deck opposite of sagging
Hold Internal compartment in a ship where cargo can be carried
Holystone Soft white sandstone used for cleaning wooden decks by scouring
Hopper Funnel-like container with a tapered construction at its bottom; used when loading or discharging bulk cargo
Hopper Barge Barge designed for dredging operation; it has hinged flap doors at the bottom of the compartment which carries the dredged mud and sand; after each loading, the barge is taken to deeper water to dump the dredged material
Horse Power A measure of the work done in a given time; 1 horsepower is equivalent ot 745.7 watt; hp for short
Hose Test A weathertightness test of the hatch cover system using a water jet see chalk test, ultrasonic test
Hot Work Any work which has an ignition source or a temperature sufficiently high to cause the ignition of a flammable gas mixture, eg welding, gas cutting, electric driven hand tools, etc.
Hovercraft A ship which has its weight fully supported by an air cushion to reduce the hull resistance when moving through water; the air cushion is created by centrifugal lift fans blowing air into the under space bound by a skirt; this type of ship is known as surface effect vessel or SEV for short
HP Horsepower of High-Pressure
HRS Hellenic Register of Shipping
HRS Hours
HSFO High Sulphur Fuel Oil
Hull The body of a ship
HV HeaVy
HVFL HeaVy Fuel
HVPQ Harmonized Vessel Particulars Questionnaire
HW High Water
Hydraulic Starting This system uses a hydraulic cranking motor instead of electric starter motor to run up the engine during starting; the driving force is stored in a hydro-pneumatic accumulator rather than a battery; the accumulator is used to store up the potential energy by pumping in oil with a hydraulic hand pump to compress the pre-charged Nitrogen gas from 100 bar to 200 bar
Hydrofoil A fast boat designed to have its hull lifted clear of the water surface and supported by foils or wings when it reaches cruising speed
Hydrometer An instrument for measuring the relative density of liquids
Hydrostatic Curves A set of curves which plot the hydrostatic quantities such as displacement, centre of flotation, centre of buoyancy, transverse metacentre, etc against the draught; these curves are useful for quick assessment of the draughts and the initial stability in various loading conditions