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Marine Abbreviations
FOW Free On Wharf
FOW1 First Open Water
FOW2 Free On Wharf
FPA Free of particular average
FPSO Floating Production Storage and Offloading
FPT Fore peak tank
FR France
FR Freight
Fr. wa. Fresh water
Fracture Describes break or partial break of steel
Frame Stiffening members placed at equidistant and to which the plating of a ship is attached
Frame Spacings Equidistant intervals between successive frame rings in the ships fore and aft line
Framing System of stiffening the shell, bottom, side and deck plating of a ship by intersecting strength members
Fray To become worn, thin or untwisted at the edge of rope, awning, etc.
FREE DESPATCH If loading/discharging achieved sooner than agreed, there will be no freight money returned.
Free Ex Ins FREE of any EXtra INSurance (Owners)
Free In Liner Out Of freight rate, the freight is inclusive of carriage and cost of cargo discharging, i.e. unlike liner terms, it does not include the cost of loading; FILO in short; also known as free in liner terms discharge or FILTD in short compare liner in free out
Free In/Out and Trimmed Charterer pays for cost of FIOST loading/discharging cargo, including stowage and trimming.
FREE OUT Free of discharge costs to owners. Includes sea freight only.
Free Pratique Official permission from the port health authorities that the ship is without infectious disease or plague and the crew is allowed to make physical contact with shore; otherwise the ship may be required to wait at quarantine anchorage for clearance
Free to Carrier A modern equivalent of FAS used in FCA intermeddle transport where goods are transferred at a nominated forwarder premises, depot or terminal but not actually put on board vessel.
Freeing Ports Openings cut in the bulwark to free the deck of water
Freight 1. cargo carried on a ship; 2. charges paid for the carriage of cargo from one place to another
Freight Rate Fee payable to the carrier for the transportation of cargo from one place to another
Fresh Water Allowance 1. the amount that load lines assigned for sea water may be submerged when loading in fresh water; 2. amount by which the ship would submerge when going from salt water to fresh water
Fresh Water Generator Equipment for producing fresh water from sea water during voyage; it may use the waste heat from main engines jacket cooling water to evaporate sea water in a vacuum condition and then condensing the steam to produce distilled water
FRGHT Freight
Friction Stir Welding Designed mainly for aluminium welding, the very high speed rotation of specially profiled tool generates heat and causes the metal to be joined to soften and flow in the solid state to effect welding
FSA Financial Services Authority - an independent body that regulates the financial services industry in the UK.
FSO Fleet safety officer (ism)