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Marine Abbreviations
FERTS Fertilizers
FEU Standard 40_ Container
FFA A freight forward agreement - this is a financial derivative instrument that enables freight to be hedged forward at a fixed price.
FFXD Fully fixed
FHEX Firdays, Holidays, Excepted
FHINC Fridays holidays included
Fiddles Wooden fittings which can be raised above the edges of table to prevent bowls, cups, plates, etc. from sliding off the table in rough sea
Fiddley 1. space above boiler; 2. funnel casing
FiFI Fire Fighting
FIFO First in first out
FILO Free In/Liner Out. Sea freight with which the shipper pays load costs and the carrier pays for discharge costs. Free In/Out. Freight booked FIO includes the sea freight,
FIO Free In and Out
FIOS Free In/Out Stowed. As per FIO, but includes stowage costs.
FIOST Free In and Out Stowed and Trimmed
FIOT Free In and Out Trimmed
Fire Point The lowest temperature at which the heat from the combustion of a burning vapour is capable of sustaining the combustion without the ignition source; this point is higher than the flash point
First Mate The next deck officer below master; also known as chief mate or chief officer
Fish Plate The long narrow strip of steel plate projecting upwards at the edges of superstructure deck to prevent water from flowing over; sometimes written as fishplate
FIT Free In Trimmed
FIW Free In Wagon
FIXING Chartering a Vessel
Flame Screen Wire mesh made of high heat conductivity material and fitted around opening, such as air vent heads of fuel tanks, leading to atmosphere; it acts as a safety measure to prevent any flame from emitting out of the opening in case of fire within
Flare 1. distress signal which burns brightly upon activation for a short period to attract attention; 2. up-and-outward spread of the hull form at the top near the bow
Flash Point The lowest temperature at which a liquid must be heated to give off a vapour that will ignite when a flame is applied under standard conditions
Flat Rack An open type container with no sides or top; made up of a flat bed and two upright ends, it is designed for carrying cargoes such as vehicles, machinery, etc.
FLATPACKING Cargo to be presented stacked and secured as an integral unit.
FLG Flag
Floor The transverse plate which crosses the longitudinal girders and stiffens the bottom plating; also known as floor plate compare keelson
Flotsam Goods and ships gear that remain afloat after shipwreck
FLT Full Liner Terms